Temple Overview

A beautiful ISKCON temple is rising in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. The temple will feature a Radha Krishna Temple, Char (Four) Dhama Temples at each corner, devotee building, a grand entrance gate, book/prasadam shops, lush gardens and landscaping, satsang hall, Govinda’s restaurant, Vedic Center, Krishna incarnation exhibit, theater, library, goshalla, prasadam hall and ample parking.


This temple is a place from where the eternal message of Lord Krishna will be broadcast for highest welfare of all. Thus, it is the house of Krishna (God) and not just another ordinary building. The estimated project cost is 56 crore rupees and slated to be complete in three (3) years.

Front view

Front view


  • Plinth area — 16,950 square feet

  • Total building area — 35,775 square feet

  • Shikhar height — 108 feet

  • Parikrama path - 12 feet wide

  • Entrance foyer - 27 feet high

  • Jay-Vijay sculptures — 18 feet high

  • Marble sculptures — 18 relief and 6 sculptures

  • Paintings — More than 20 wall and canvas

  • Chakra — 8 feet diameter, mold in asthadhatu

Back view

Back view

materials required

  • Cement

  • Brick

  • Steel

  • Marble

  • Granite

  • Sculptures

  • Plants and Landscaping Supplies